Tuesday, December 18, 2007


quick update: i am home, safe, the surgery went as planned. much shorter day at hospital and got the pain meds right away. feel better after than last time. i think i was becoming a pro at the surgery show. next christmas when i do the reconstruction, i'll be a whiz kid at the hospital routine! i am quite a bit drugged up and heading to bed.

this afternoon was napping, drinking fantastic fresh super anti-oxidant juice from my dear friend rachel, watching movies and my mom is taking such sweet care of me...

more soon.

thanks for all the healing power you have been sending my way. i feel so held and loved.


salmonpoetry said...

glad you are through it, Tay. good weather for nesting these days, and best wishes for healing.
i passed on a little gift to you that i left on your porch- hopefully it will bring a little cheer and wonder to your week.

shauna said...


I had no idea. I just stumbled on this, after checking in with your blog. (I've been working on a huge writing project, and not reading anyone's blogs.)

My dear, my dear. i'm so sorry. But you are, indubitably, fierce and alive, funny and wholly inspiring.

I'll write soon.