Monday, December 17, 2007

clarity at 7 am

the surgery for clear margins is tomorrow, 7 am. i am happy to be the first surgery of the day, so hopefully it will be a shorter day at the hospital than last time! dr. naik knows where to take the tissue, we are just aiming now for that tissue to be free and clear of cancer cells.

the studio sale on sunday was a wonderful success. so many people, from all parts of my life came out and shopped. i feel very full and loved right now.

thank-you, everyone. for sending healing energy and buying my jewelry and donating to my medical bills. the consistent support and love has been so, so wonderful. i am very blessed.

fingers crossed for clear margins, all together now...


salmonpoetry said...

okay margins, steer clear, you hear me? and you nipple, stay away from the knife!

you'll be in my thoughts Tay, and i'll wear one of your necklaces tomorrow for good luck.

Natalia said...

the candle is still burning here for you, though i assume you are long since home from the hospital. let me know if you are up for a visit.