Monday, December 10, 2007

the body takes healing in it's own time

little by little, i am healing. still deeply sore, but marked improvement from just a few days ago. the ice packs make such a difference. i've got the heat cranked in my apartment so i can stand having ice on my skin so often in this chilly weather.

today, i see dr. naik again to check on my progress and make our surgery plan. i also will consult with the plastic surgeon she recommends (and martha says is an artist with breast reconstruction) to get an idea of what is possible. i know it's way early to meet with him, but somehow i feel i can face the results of this next surgery better, knowing there is a way to fix things later. i need some hope, some positive projection to focus on at this point. last week i learned that if i choose radiation, i must wait at least a whole year before they will do plastic surgery on the other breast for symmetry. radiation changes the tissue that much. and the body takes a long time to heal from it fully. i wouldn't know what to expect and the most skilled surgeon wouldn't risk a guess.

these are disappointing facts. i had so hoped to at least close this chapter of my life within the next few months.

i don't think red wine, dark chocolate or nature walks are a proven cure for cancer, but they take the edge off, that is certain. it's been good to spend some time with friends this week, to surround myself with gentle souls and good conversation. soothing my stress level is absolutely helping the healing along!

in the spirit of being pro-active and positive, i've decided to seize this last week before the next surgery to have a special studio sale. i'll have my entire inventory from both web stores set up for gift shopping next sunday, december 16 from noon to 6pm. anyone local who has had their eye on my jewelry online, will have an opportunity to come browse and shop in person! i hope it will be a win-win for everyone. i really need to make some money and you all must have some gifts to buy for holiday giving.

my bread + butter shop has a very affordable collection and i hope to make a few new pieces this week as well. more lockets for certain. so the offerings you see online are just a fraction of the pieces available next sunday.

send me an email if you would like to be added to the evite list and i will send you the details. you can read the full particulars right here.

if you are not in portland and have been considering a jewelry purchase from either of my shops, please do seize the moment as well. put your order in as soon as possible this week! I won't be able to ship anything for christmas after monday, december 17, as i will be recovering from surgery and determined to just lay quiet for two weeks.


salmonpoetry said...

great to hear that you are starting to heal Tay. i was originally trained as a cell biologist, and the way that cells can work their magic on their little microscopic level is one of the most amazing, fascinating and spiritual things i have ever witnessed (of course, the other side too is that when they get a mind of their own, they can act up in ways that require some severe reprimanding- as you have experienced with the turnip). but keep giving them the red wine and chocolate and they will likely repay you well (there are people out there conducting scientific studies trying to prove that dark chocolate and red wine are proven cures for cancer!)

It is a good time of year to snuggle up inside, rest and stay cozy, and to appreciate the subtlty and resilience of nature. And of course, I want to come to your studio sale. I am a bit broke at the moment but your jewelry has made me feel so beautiful when I am wearing it that I will give my piggybank a good shake and come down to find myself another treasure, what a good excuse!

be well this week....

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Dear Tay,
I think it is absolutely the right thing to do - to see a plastic surgeon - and to visualize yourself physically as you once were. Having been through a disfiguring accident, I can imagine the comfort this provides.

I am a bit confused about the sale. Is it an online sale or is it an in person sale? Would you mind emailing me about that? If it is an online sale, I would like my readers to know.

Tay said...

thanks, Lisa! I certainly understand being broke and you have been such a generous supporter...don't worry if it's not in the budget. Just spread the word to friends!

Maryam, it is a in-person sale at my work studio space here in Portland. Sorry if I wasn't so clear in my writing. All the work is up on my two websites right now, so people can always shop there.