Friday, December 14, 2007

asking for help, part 2

i've been keeping myself busy this week, really busy. it helps to take my mind off the next surgery and all the things to follow in this battle. i have been able to return to a little light work in the studio. making earrings and preparing some vintage lockets has been good for my spirits. although my true love, metal-smithing, with it's hammering and precise skill set is still beyond me with my healing chest muscles and tender breast.

my special studio sale is this sunday. if you are local, please do spread the word. invite your friends, your neighbor, your kid's teachers...anyone you can think of. and as i know many men in particular have maybe just begun to shop for holiday gifts -invite them! my friend melissa who is helping with the sale and i will be happy to advise anyone not quite sure about what their special girl (or mom!) might like. all the details are here: twirl holiday studio sale. and of course, i'd love to meet the local readers of this blog!

if you are not here in portland, but would like to help support me, making a purchase in one of my web shops is an easy, sweet way to do so. what could be more of a win-win? you get beautiful jewelry for yourself or as a gift to give and i am sustained, bit by bit. the links to my shops are right there in the left margin and if you scroll down to the bottom, there is even a little photo strip of some of the pieces in the bread + butter shop. that collection is very affordable, nothing in the shop is over $50 and many items are under $30.

as my next surgery is on tuesday december 18, the very last possible day i will be able to ship before christmas is this monday, december 17. all orders from the web shops that are in by 3pm, PST will be shipped. of course, if you don't need your items right away, please do carry on with shopping! i will resume shipping by december 26.

if you have no need or desire for jewelry, there is another tangible way to offer support. i have started a fund for my medical bills and donations in any amount would be so wonderful. there is a simple way to donate, using the button in the left margin. some of you have already been so generous and i thank-you again for reaching out. it's very hard for me to ask for help, i've always been so independent. but i am practicing, because this breast cancer is a trial by fire. i must learn the lessons, grow out of my comfort zone or be crushed. i want to thrive as an artist, as a woman and as spiritual being. i have great work to do on this planet and i want to be empowered to get on with it as soon as possible.

if you have the means, please help me thrive.


salmonpoetry said...

Yeah, go Tay!!!
I want you to thrive as an artist as well (and you will!)
I will help out however I can, from cupcakes to cash (and picking up some beautiful jewelry this weekend, of course).

Tay said...

thank-you've done so much already, I can't tell you how much it means, there are no words.