Monday, April 28, 2008

11,000 steps closer

darling readers, dear friends...thank you all for the comments. it's so good to reaffirm you are out there! knowing you are reading keeps me inspired to keep writing.

i am continuing the trend towards happier days and more energy. whew. it feels as if perhaps, just maybe, i have turned a corner. almost five weeks out from the end of radiation and finally, the corner. surely not the last one, as i am still not 100%, but with sure and steady steps, one after another, i will return to myself.

if any of you are thinking perhaps you want to exercise more, please do get a pedometer. it's such fun to see how many steps one can make in a day. my personal range has been from 1,500 (a very slow day of lots of rest and sitting at the computer) to a day like today, where i walked to the studio and back, then walked to the bank and post office, a couple short walks with the dog and viola! i am now at 11,000 steps! that is my highest day yet and it equates to nearly 4 miles.

the daily goal is 10,000 steps and for now, to get there at least 4 days a week.

walking to a destination is so much better than walking around the track. if i walk to the studio then i am stuck and i must walk home again. for certain i would not walk on the track for over an hour, it's too boring!

as i think of you here, the circle of love and support that surrounds me, i know i am lucky. i picture you all out there in your home turfs, walking or running. we know we are connected by a common joy in the beauty of spring and the pleasure of moving ever closer to better health.

i hope my 11,000 steps inspires you! thank you for sticking with me.


Catherine Chandler said...

I've started going for walks every day, as well, and posting daily photos on my blog from those walks. Mostly of places in/around Mt. Tabor. I didn't go today, though, because I nannied all day, and now it is after 7 and I have orders to fill! But I got plenty of tumbles and activity in with the kids :)

I'm so proud of you! You are always in my heart and thoughts!

salmonpoetry said...

so glad to hear that you are feeling better! 4 miles of walking, wow. It really does make such a difference to get out on foot. I have been walking with Kiran a lot too (and lugging her scooter on the bus with us for when our walks from the bus stop are too long for her...)
These are such beautiful days with the cherry blossoms and so many spring flowers bursting out. Keep enjoying (and look the other way when the rain bursts through as it is prone too- i hear it on the roof now).
If you ever need some poetry, you can head your walk in the direction of my neighborhood and stop in at the poetry garden. I have my bees in the backyard now too- QUITE a sight to behold (though it may prevent me from walking, i am so obsessed with watching them all day i find it hard to leave the garden)
Happy spring, keep it up!

Tay said...

Catherine...I've been enjoying your blog and really appreciate your love and support! We'll have to go walk on Mt Tabor one day soon.

Lisa...I've thought of you this week and noticed you we away from your blog. I hoped it was just due to be happy and busy with spring things, like your garden. I love when you post about the garden and chickens. Now I have bees to look forward to as well! Thanks for the happy energy.

venturegirl said...

Thanks so much for the inspiration! I read your latest post and thought ... if Tay at five weeks post radiation can get out there and walk 10k steps every day then there is no excuse for me and my extra 20lbs. I went to REI today and purchased my first pedometer. I can't say I was as inspired by the internal cleansing idea, but if your pedometer idea works well, I may just rethink it (grin). Much love and lots of steps!

Pam said...

so glad for you on turning a corner. walking is such a pleasure for me as well and sneaking it in here and there adds more joy to the day. yay!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Darling Tay,
I just did 10 hours on a train in two days - Casablanca and then Rabat. And so I am afraid the pedometer would have showed a very low figure.

but inspired by you, Tuesday morning I did 1.5 hours with my boxing coach and so glad to be back on track. Could not have done it without you. Thank you.

Tay said...

venturegirl! have fun with that pedometer. It's great trying to break your own records. Try writing your steps total on the calender everyday or a chart...the visual is motivational! glad you stopped by. hope you are doing well and enjoy these nicer days outside.

maryam, wow. 10 hours on a train is alot! I am thrilled to hear my counting steps inspired you to get back in the gym. Boxing sounds really fun and challenging. rock on, sister!