Tuesday, April 15, 2008

would you like an encouraging word?

how about cleanse? yes. it is what you are thinking. my new naturpath doctor is wonderful, i am feeling very hopeful after meeting with her yesterday. part of my lightened mood is due to getting a recommendation from her for internal cleansing. cancer patients at quest center for integrative health, where she practices, can get free colon hydrotherapy treatments at all's well that ends well.

what an unsavory topic, you say? pish posh. it is all natural. spring, what a good time of year to cleanse the system anyway. following radiation treatment, doing some focused detox will be a great start to my new healing plan. so next week, i'll have two treatments, then do a gentle juice/broth fast for three days, then two more treatments the following week.

readers, how do you embrace spring cleaning? a body cleanse, a closet overhaul?

the other part of my lighter mood is simply getting on with things. walking, bouncing to music and starting therapy. it's good just to start moving in a new direction. damn, it's good to just start moving, period! in talking to dr. naik and martha, they both said the boob was looking great and that i really won't know what it will be like when i am a a lower weight until i get there. so try not to worry. i'll have my next mammogram next november and then we'll be able to see more what to do next.

meanwhile, back here in the present, i've got plenty to do. job one, stay in the present. job two, make a living. job three, move my body.

that's the plan. sounds like all work. jobs one, two and three. how can i make them fun? maybe i shouldn't call them jobs, but call them things. like from dr suess'
cat in the hat - thing one, thing two and thing three.

inspiration, anyone?


Catherine Chandler said...

I'm listening to Ryan Adams "When the Stars Go Blue"....love it! Hmmm...cleansing. I have a great friend who has just recently become a colon hydrotherapist...she's moved north for a few months and is working in Bellingham.

For my cleansing? I'm trying to eat at least one salad every day. And I have spent a few days this week purging knick knacks and clutter and generally "lightening" things up...actually I'm selling a few end tables too which will free up a lot of space! I can't handle clutter. It makes me crazy and depressed.

I'm glad you're feeling more positive...sending loving thoughts your way!

Natalia said...

don't know if it would help, but if you ever want company in the studio or for a walk, or some new music to listen to, or to brainstorm about work, i can help with jobs one and two.