Wednesday, February 6, 2008

rads, day three: annoying

oh, i can see already a reason why people get fatigue from radiation treatments. it's six kinds of annoying to go to the hospital everyday for 33 days. already on day three, i am over it. i feel tired and short on patience, to be frank. it's a day when all the other drivers on the road are just seriously slow, stupid and in my way.

sigh. all my calm mind seems to be focused on the radiation treatment itself. the rest of the day, i just feel out of sorts. all grumpy and hermity.

of course, there is good news too! all your thoughts and prayers are effective even if i am having a less-than-wonderful kind of day. donations for chinese medicine have now reached 7 weeks! hooray! thank-you so much to all those who gave so generously and to everyone, for all the positive thoughts on this subject. i am now covered for the weeks radiation will last. and i am taking them faithfully, as bitter and weird as they taste.

i am feeling tired, actually. but i think it's due to the shock to my system that this early morning schedule has delivered. i haven't had this much opposed structure in months. nor have i gotten up this early. but i am sure that adjustment won't take too long.

keep the comments coming, my friends. you cannot know how much i delight in, and depend on, your kind words of encouragement.


kristin said...

Hey, Sweetie. I am thinking of you, beautiful even as you sit seething behind the steering wheel! Sleep well, and be gentle with yourself. Your job is to get through this, and you are doing great!

Tay said...

Thanks, dear. I do need to be more gentle with myself, as I nearly cut my finger off last night chopping parsley. I've been pushing too hard this week, I know.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, I needed that!

Sondra said...

Just looked at the Design*Sponge spot. Very nice. Great photos of your jewels and the studio.
I'm amazed you have any energy left, so it must mean you're on a roll and forging through. Keep up the great work and good intentions.
We're all with you in the path.

salmonpoetry said...

yeah, i've been thinking of you in your green bug weaving through the traffic on your way to the hospital as i drag kiran to school in her trailer these mornings. in this season it's so hard to get myself up in the morning, and i can only imagine the challenge when the motivation is to go to the hospital to get irradiated.
keep up your spirit and take it easy and weave some treats in where you can.
maybe you should post a countdown calendar or something.
hang in there tay, you are winning the race against the pesky cancer cells.

Kate of All Trades said...

Hi Tay. Thought of you today because I visited one of my regular blogs and saw that you were the topic...or your jewelry to be specific. Don't know if you saw it but if not, it's sure to make your day!

What a small world....