Thursday, February 7, 2008

rads, day four: finding my groove

today, as i lay on the radiation table, i was listening to this. imagining the beautiful china forbes, lead singer of pink martini in a powerful visualization. engage your imagination and i'll take you there...

it's the inside of a really cool apartment (my breast) with interesting objects, wonderful furniture and amazing turkish carpets. china is singing this song and dusting the book shelves and objects. she isn't dressed like a cleaning lady however, she's wearing a jazz-era inspired dress and heels like she does on stage. as i hear the loud buzz of the radiation machine start, i imagine china has begun to slowly vacuum the carpets(my cells) to the music, with obvious appreciation of their beauty.

she is still singing this song as i get up from the table and begin to dress.

update on the chinese medicine herbs, 8 weeks are now covered, thanks to generous hearts. i am so grateful and feel the love with every scoop. i am taking 5 spoonfuls of the herbs (powdered) in water 3 times a day. i swear they are starting to taste better, i think it's the beautiful way they have been provided through your donations.

thank-you so very much!


Barbara said...

Sending positive thoughts to you Tay as you handle the 33 days sof treatment. I loved seeing inside your studio.

salmonpoetry said...

wow, what great imagery, i think i'll have to borrow that for my regular housecleaning routine!
lucky enough, i just scored the new pink martini CD from the library- the best way to free music yet.
good luck with your radiation treatment today- one week down already!

V Kingsley said...

I've been trying to get kicked out of this society (The Cancer Society) for years - seems like I had better just get used to it! At least I am in good company.

I wanna send you some music. But to what address?

Thinking of you..

Jen said...

Thank you for sharing the music. I needed the boost too. I love to hear how you are visualizing your cells being sucked up, very funny and odd. Love you sweet sister!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, powerful, and downright delightful healing image with a dignified housecleaner and good music to boot. Tay, we have never met, but I will most certainly look you up at Michfest and buy your jewelry. It's beautiful and inspired, and I think the very best part will be that wise hands crafted it. Thank you for putting yourself out here.