Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the close of the cleanse

in truth, it is the beginning of something new. closing the cleanse just means opening up my food choices. yet, i will continue to be on this path of ph balance for life. for now, that means eating way more raw than cooked foods, a 90/10 split. Eventually, i will be able to transition into a sensible and livable 70/30 split. yesterday i followed the cleanse until dinner, then i ate a veggie meal than included chewing my food.

what a simple joy. the ripest heirloom tomatoes, sliced and dressed just with sea salt and good olive oil. ah, they tasted so, so delicious. i ate a big plateful!

my heel was also acting up over the weekend, a very discouraging situation to say the least. goodness, these health issues are a bummer. i am so very sick of them. so ready for healing and change.

i made a bold move on that front. saw a podiatrist ( a move suggested by my acupuncturist a few weeks ago) and choose some standard western medicine treatment. he was great, did x-rays immediately and then used a diagnostic ultrasound to look at the tissue in my heel.

his first words upon seeing what was in my heel? "wow, oh wow". not what you long to hear from your doctor. it was bad. at least i know this last 18 months of pain and struggle with my heel was absolutely not in my head. i was starting to wonder if i was crazy. to treat something for so long, with daily stretching, ice applications, herbs, shoe inserts, rest - and still not get better?

so yes, i have a bone spur on the bottom of my heel and yes, i have plantar fastitis. i also have an extraordinary amount of inflammation in that heel. enough to elicit a "wow" from the doctor. he asked me how the hell i have been living with this? i told him everything i do to take care of it, and that i can not walk much. that i sit. that it limits my life in terrible ways.

i asked for a shot to the heel. one dose of cortisone to hopefully flip the switch on the inflammation. if any of you out there reading have a practice of prayer or meditation, please offer up some for me. i need this to work. it is the last resort.

the shot hurt like nothing i have ever sustained. sharp, deep pain, as they moved the needle into exactly the right place, using the ultrasound to guide. i cried out and used all my deep breathing techniques to get through it. after, it was numb. today it is achy and hard to stand on.

i am turning 42 tomorrow, yet don't i sounds like i am 92 with all my aliments?

there is much more to say, of course. the cleanse brought incredible mental, spiritual and emotional clarity. i will be sharing more on that very soon. some of it is just too big to throw in a post like this one.

thanks for all your support and caring, my dear friends. getting through the cleanse with you all following along has been really good.


emily b. said...

Hi Tay. I have had that cortisone shot thing done in my spine and can say it is one of the most painful things I have endured. I feel for you, good news is you survived it.

Congratulations on making it so far with the fast. That's got to take some immense strength. Happy birthday!

Catherine Chandler said...

Happy Early Birthday!!!

I'm glad you went to the podiatrist--those cortisone shots hurt!!! I had one in my wrist once...good thing I had my mom holding my hand!

I'm not doing a full cleanse, but I am following the pH "program". I'm only halfway through reading the book, but I've been implementing their principles. I'm back to a 70/30 raw/cooked split. I realized that I absolutely hate hate hate avocado in smoothies, so I adjust things to my taste, and eat the avocado on the side. I'm also not a fan of the green drink but I'll figure something out so I'm getting enough. Lime juice tends to help :)

I'm so proud of you, and grateful to you for sharing your progress! Thank you Tay, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Darling Tay,
Just dropping by to say that I am thinking of you today on your special day. If I were there, I would make you a most beautiful sliced raw fruit cake with candles on top:)

PS Do tell us what treatment your doctor is recommending for your heel. Great that you are on top of this!

Tay said...

Thank-you for the birthday wishes and empathy, ladies. I am sore, but hopeful of a good outcome from the shot.

And the birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tay

I stumbled across your blog via our mutual friend's (Jan - PetalsYoga) blog and have been reading it over the past couple of weeks - I'm now starting to catch up with your earlier blogs. I just wanted to let you know that I find it interesting and inspirational and I would like to send warmest wishes to you.

Thanks for sharing.

Angela (from the UK)

PS Happy Birthday!!!