Wednesday, September 3, 2008

cleanse report, day 2

day two was way, way, better than day one. thank heavens for that! i managed my six liters of water easily, although am still peeing more often than i'd like. maybe my bladder will stretch a bit?

there are signs already that the detox is happening. my face broke out, or instance. i knew this might happen, but it's still icky to deal with. i've had a few headaches, but nothing serious or lasting. yesterday i felt upbeat, solid energy and pretty content.

so far, i am feeling like it's a success. far better and easier than any other time i have tried my own version of a cleanse. i've lost 2 pounds and wasn't hungry at all yesterday. it's interesting, the nature of hunger. so much of it is either being dehydrated, of actually emotional hunger.

i know carb cravings are a sign i want to self-medicate. so during this cleanse, i am just observing that craving and seeing it for what it is. a habit, a crutch, something i don't really need.

there is an emotional detox happening as well. the book i am following talks about getting ready emotionally to release toxins from your mind and spirit. because toxic feelings and thoughts are part of what upsets the ph balance in your body. when you are stressed, or holding on to anger, or not dealing with something you know you should - those emotional states actually change the chemistry of your cells.

i'm learning that even if i do everything "right" in terms of foods and nutrition, deep healing can still escape me if my emotional realm is toxic.

of course i knew this. it's just hitting me differently this time.

which is not to say that i can't be angry or stressed, that i must keep some false cheerful going all the time. that would really suck the life out of me! just that holding on to things is where the long term damage is done. solving things quickly and cleanly is the best hope for staying away from the toxic zone in my emotional world.

when life delivers a plate with something like cancer, you have choices. going through the journey, i've been choosing to create better health that i had before cancer. i do think about it coming back. and i figure all i can do is this: live my best, healthiest life. take excellent care of my body and treat it as my temple. make it someplace that cancer can't survive.

that's the plan, folks.


PetalsYoga said...

Hang in there Tay. Glad you are taking care of yourself and feeling better already.



Catherine Chandler said...

BIG HUGS! Did I tell you I bought the book right after your first post about it? I'm waiting anxiously for it to get here!

I'm making progress with my "forgiveness project" and can feel weights lifting off my shoulders. There are still some current issues to get my head around, but I think some un-sent letters may help that a lot :)

You're doing great, and are such an inspiration!

Tay said...

Thanks, nice to know you are checking in here. *hugs*

Wow, cool you ordered the book. And I'll really inspired by your forgiveness project. I've done a powerful ritual in the past you might find useful. write a letter to person X that you have something you need to say (not a letter you are going to send them, in fact they can be passed away) and then read it out loud, as if you are reading it to them. Then burn the letter, gather the ashes and then release them somewhere that feels right to you. Do this all on the same day. When I walked away from the river after releasing those ashes, it was if heavy, heavy weights lifted and light filled me up from toes to crown.

I's say *you're* doing great, too.