Friday, September 5, 2008

cleanse report, day 4

i really can hardly believe i have made it this far with the cleanse. yesterday was a bit easier, i made an excellent soup. a yummy "creamy" cauliflower, very satisfying.

my energy held up well through the day and i was quite tired by 9 pm, but that was ok. the hardest part is being chilly because the weather has been chilly and not having a big pile of warm carbs or a chewy piece of meat to warm me up. i've been drinking my water, more pureed soups and some herb tea in the evening.

the good news is, we are getting a summer heat wave starting today. that should make it all easier. and i have acupuncture today, which will be great.

i haven't been working very much during the first four days of the cleanse, but i think i am in the groove enough and stable enough to hit the studio again. i've got a few orders and alot of new inventory to produce. also, my birthday is coming up and i like to make myself a new piece of jewelry every year. i have a beautiful 1.5 inch square agate that i've had for years, intending to set as a necklace. i think it just might be time.

ah, my birthday always brings up stuff. emotional stuff, issues on the back burner. every year it is a time of evaluation and contemplation. this year feels like a particularly big year for looking deeply at my life and self. i've been asking big questions and looking ahead 10, 20 years.

where do i want to be? how do i want to feel about my life? my work? my body?

this cleanse is an opportunity to also let go of toxic ideas about me and all aspects of my life. i'll be writing about that here, as it becomes more clear.

how about you? does your birthday inspire contemplation?


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I wish I could say that my birthday inspires contemplation but really for me (and I know that this sounds childish), it just inspires depression. I dislike getting older. I look so much older than I did even just 2 years ago. There's so, so much I still want to do. Sigh.

PS The cauliflower soup sounds delish. I aspire to even a quarter of your water intake.

Tay said...

Oh darling Maryam. i understand. There is a depression piece in there too, especially if I am not proactive about my birthday. Doing this cleanse makes me feel good, somehow.

Unless you fancy a career as a supermodel in Milan, I am quite certain that looking older will not stop you from anything you wish to accomplish in this life.

You are unstoppable!

Yet, I get it. I am turning 42! How ever did *that* happen? I sigh over wrinkles and pluck out gray hairs just like the vainest of women. And I feel behind. We spend 1/2 our life wanting to be older and be taken seriously and then in a flash we are older and each year flies by faster than the next.

Drink your water & wear your sunscreen, my friend. Just those simple acts will slow the signs of age dramatically in your skin.

I see your sigh and raise you a smile~