Tuesday, September 2, 2008

cleanse report, day 1

well, i knew it wouldn't be easy, this cleanse business. yesterday is exactly why i did not attempt this right after radiation. day one was a little rough, but i managed.

the rough part was really my fault, not having done all my shopping before i started. so i didn't have my ducks in a row as far as food. and i got hungry and headache-y. which i kind of expected, but still it didn't feel good. with most cleanses, if you can get through the first 2-3 days, you're fine. i've never managed to do just liquids longer than 3 days in the past. this time however, i am determined and am following a plan, not just winging it!

i only had a wheat grass powder sample pack that had been hanging around for my morning green drink and it was vile. that followed by a green smoothie that was so bitter i simply choked it down as well. a word on cucumbers. always taste them before you put them in the blender and use as the base for a smoothie. the bitter ones really ruin the rest of your ingredients. and no amount of vanilla flavored stevia will make it right. in fact, that addition just made things worse! also in the smoothie was hemp powder (which i love), almond milk (commercial variety) an avocado...and a few other things i threw in to try to save the thing.

i vowed to do better the next day. and i have. my green smoothie this morning was so delicious i thought, wow, i could drink this everyday! more on that recipe later.

by evening, i had myself set up and was able to make the soup you see above. quite delicious! and as the weather was unseasonable cool, it was great to have warm food in the evening. it's made from all fresh veggies and herbs, then blended so fine they become nearly creamy.

no joke, it is a challenge to get down nearly 6 liters of water each day. you have to work at it, that much doesn't just happen naturally. i did yesterday, however.

by 9:30 pm, i was happy to go to bed and be done with day one.

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Elizabeth M. said...

Hi Tay! Love this blog!...I think I'll link it to mine :)
I'm about to begin a juice feast really soon...You are so right, it is too easy to slip into lazy food habits.
Love the photos..and that beautiful screen at your front door...It is good to have transition into your living space...you have done it beautifully! cheers