Thursday, September 4, 2008

cleanse report, day 3

emotionally, i've never done well with deprivation diets. i don't believe in them actually. a cleanse isn't the same thing, but it does bring up some of the same issues. by afternoon yesterday, i was feeling a bit shaky and crabby. nothing for it except more water with green powder.

no chocolate. no popcorn. nothing crunchy and salty. yesterday felt a bit more like coming off a drug. i was experiencing withdrawals and i wasn't liking it.

day three was a bit challenging. i am realizing that getting just the right balance of nutrients is so important when you are limited in menu. forget one ingredient in your morning smoothie and it's not going to stick with you for long. it is a very interesting process, at least from the inside. hopefully you all reading aren't bored to tears!

it's all for my foot. i just keep thinking about the possibility that i could dance again in my life and that alone is keeping me going. losing a pound a day isn't hurting the motivation either. some hours of the day are very slow and about four in the afternoon is somehow the worst. i count the hours til bedtime and figure out my plan. what i shoould be doing after dinner is yoga, reading and mediation. what i am doing is watching tv, a complete toxic trip. but somehow it's hard to be 100% good, unless you do this at a retreat center. i am still easing into all parts of this.

by week two, i'll be getting it all right. baby steps.

today i am scheduled to be down in the pearl district, with a booth in the monthly street fair, selling my jewelry. at this moment, it just sounds awful. alot of energy, cold after dark, all that schlepping and for what? the chance that i will make some sales? i sold almost nothing the last time. my inventory is still a bit thin after the big show in august. and i had such a horrible, terrible night the last time i went, in july. the rudest people ever. i'm not sure i have the physical or emotional energy to do this right now.

i'm already feeling a bit pathetic and selling my lovingly crafted wares on the street might be the straw that broke the camel's back. if only i could do it for just 3 hours instead of 5, of which a full 2 are after dark. it's those last two hours that kill me.

i actually had a nightmare about it last night. can i take that as a sign?

so. my morning smoothie, which is so delicious (and sticks with you) is as follows:

Green Breakfast of Champions

in a blender, put the following:
1 avocado, peeled
large handful of fresh spinach
1 T. lemon flavor Carlson Cod Liver Oil ( yay for Omega-3!)
1 T. Spectrum cold press unrefined Coconut Oil
squeeze from 1/2 a fresh lime
1 cup (or so to make a good consistency) almond milk, unsweetened (I am making mine fresh but you can use commercial)
2 T. Supreme Meal, protein powder by Peaceful Planet (it is sprouted amaranth, millet & quinoa -really quite fabulous and yummiest protien powder I've ever tasted and I've had them all!)

blend until all is smooth and drink or eat in a bowl with a spoon like a cool soup. yum!


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Tay, this all sounds amazing. I so wish I could do it with you but I can't get the vast majority of these things in Marrakech (except for the avocado and spinach:))

one pound a day sounds like an amazing incentive!mm102365

Tay said...

Oh, thanks dear friend! I am making a mental note that when I come to visit you (and I will, I will!) that I will bring you all sorts of supplements and healthy things if you want them.

Sending you happy thoughts~