Saturday, March 1, 2008

trolls arrive

it seems a troll has found this site and chosen to attack with multiple comments advertising a product to "treat cancer". i won't help him out (it is a "him", i also got an email) by even naming the product here. but his slimy actions have forced me to begin to moderate comments.

which means, my dear friends, that your most welcome comments won't appear immediately when you post them. they will come to me first for approval. i do check this blog nearly constantly for comments, so yours shouldn't have to wait in the queue too long before it is published.

thanks for understanding. and may a pox befall the troll.


Marian said...

Tay-dear, I've just 'caught up' after a few weeks. My you've been a mighty mighty warrior princess. I'm cheering you on, sending love and cool balm to that tender breast. Soothing love and a big circle of comfort inside of which you can just sink and be still.

Tay said...

thanks, dear Marian. Wonderful of you to stop by and check on me! Thanks for the soothing balm and wishes.

V Kingsley said...

I remember the burning very, very well. It is memorable but unimaginable. At some point, because the burning was coming from within (unlike sunburn or oops forgot the potholder burn) - I had this irrational ? sense of woe. Despair. There was no way out - only through and through was dark indeed.

I wanted a zipper. I often imagined a magic zipper that went along my side like a dress from the vintage store. I would imagine unzipping my side and escaping the horror.

Tay said...

oh, V! it really helps to have you share that. thank-you, thank-you.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Very interesting to read V Kingsley's comment - helps me understand the sensation in a whole new way. Sounds so horribly unpleasant.

Here's to sending you a magical fan to blow fresh, cool air on you from the inside...

Tay said...

Ah, always find the most soothing images to send my weary brain. I will make a mediation out of that one, my dear. Thank-you.

salmonpoetry said...

ew, how icky, a troll arrives just when you least need it. hopefully without the attention he's seeking he'll go away and leave your blog in peace. sorry to hear that's happened.
the rest of us good spirits are still out here for you though, knowing that the best cure we can offer up is support and love along the path. best wishes to you this first week of march.

Henrike said...

Hi Tay,

love your blog. Since I just had surgery from recurring skin cancer I can see a lot of myself in your postings. Thanks for sharing!

I got the same troubles with someone who sent me douzens of comment on how to treat cancer- I think he found my blog through Kris Carr's Blog, where I posted a comment. He used her blog to promote his "stuff", too.