Monday, March 24, 2008

looking ahead

today is my day off from rads and this week i am feeling pretty good, energy-wise. so i am heading into work at my studio. not getting a particularly early start to the day, but i am keeping my expectations low for this transition from treatment back to "my life". funny, that. as if what i have been living for the past 2 months is someone else's life.

it's certainly been surreal.

my last radiation treatment is on wednesday. then what? i'll see the doctor for follow-up in 6 weeks. i assume they will set up some schedule for screening the area in future. in a few months i will go see the plastic surgeon, but my actual surgery for symmetry won't be til next december at the earliest.

what will this blog be after treatment? what will i be? right now, i don't want to close turnip. i imagine i will have things to share with all of you. after all, this blog has become about more than just the cancer.

what do you think?


Natalia said...

i'm so glad (though not as much as you, i am sure) that your last day of rads is this weeks. yee-fucken-haw. you made it!!!!! i do hope you keep on with the blog b/c i'm sure that your experience with cancer and its affects on your body, spirit and life, are not through. also, in comparison with your other blog, i image it must be nice to have a place where you can have room to express the more personal side of your life, eh? i hope you keep it up.

salmonpoetry said...

i'm sure with time you'll have perspective and reflection on your treatment and the turnip that could be useful and inspiring to share, and for you to log and compare, in the journal-like format you've established here. i know i've found it inspiring and insightful to participate in your process through this blog. and as natalia says, it seems different enough and complementary to your found object blog to keep it going, even if the topic veers away from the turnip (which I imagine you might want it to, after you finish up your treatment and are able to catch your breath...)
congratulations on making it through the long hard road of radiation. in the long run your body will recover and thank you for fully rooting out the turnip. enjoy the spring (or the snow, as it comes down closer to us this week!)
best wishes to you Tay. what an accomplishment....

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Tay dear, well of course we want as much of you as you have time to give. Found objects is very specific in its profile. Turnip is perhaps for the rest of you......and there is quite a lot of that, lovely girl.