Friday, March 21, 2008

rads, day 31: amost there

the finish line is in sight, just over on the other side of this weekend. the final gate is ablaze with brightly colored ribbons and flowers, i can just see it shimmering out there in next wednesday.

when i was at rads, day 17, i thought i would be crawling across that line. turns out, i am feeling better than i expected. these last 8 treatments are my "boost", which just treats the area of the tumor and it's margins. so the rest of my weary breast has gotten a reprieve this past week. that break, combined with much needed tender loving care from my mom, has put me in a better state than i could have hoped for.

if any of you were to see this radiated breast, you would surely think it looks like five kinds of painful crazy. all i see now is that there is improvement, there is healing. the body knows what to do and i am just here to serve that process. i am still very conservative with how i use my energy. the body must come first, the healing still to come is vital to my full recovery.

right after tending to the body, comes the bank account. i've not been able to work much this past month and have sold very little in march. as you can imagine, my income has been almost nothing. so, i've been living off my business loan. as scary as that may be, i am committed to not
panicking. but it's hard to fight that feeling looking at the numbers. (now evoking positive intention). blast off!

whew, there is alot of pressure to bounce back quickly.

i want to thank you for your patience and loving support as i've been away from blogging for a while. something had to give. i am glad to be back, however. this writing to connect with all of you keeps me sane, supported and honest.

thanks for listening and hoping and praying. it's working magic in my life, i am sure.


d.Sharp said...

Oh Tay, I am so glad that you are almost there, then on to healing! You are so strong! Best, best, best wishes.

Tay said...

thanks, Denise! Your constant support means so much to me. And your blog always provides some solace.

Sondra said...

You sound "refreshed". Rest was what was needed and a little TLC from MOM.
Keep the good attitude and soon you will be better than new.
Love and Light and HEaling energy.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Tay, you are sounding good, very, very good. Gawd, I just can't wait until the rads are over!!! It will be a whole new day:)

michaelendo said...


I'm happy your almost done.

Too bad I won't be around when you finish. It would be great to celebrate with you!!!

Michele sends her thoughts and love to you as well.