Wednesday, January 2, 2008

insult upon injury

or rash upon incision, as the case may be. yes, friends - i somehow have an allergic reaction to bandage adhesive. do you know about these things called steri-stips? they are basically special super strong tape the surgeon puts over the incision after stitching it up from the inside.

and i am now allergic to them. seriously? what the fuck is all i can say.

this rash is over and around the still-very-tender incision. dozens of tiny blisters. very itchy blisters, red and angry. egads. what next?

oh, well we know radiation is next. and i've been reading about it. i'm finally not freaked out enough, emotionally strong enough to do some more research. to look at the process rationally. i still think it's conceptually messed-up, but i also think it will be ok. i am making preparations. lining up my plan of attack. if the radiation is going to zap my cancer cells, then i am going to do everything in my power to boost up the healthy cells and help flush out the bad.

there will be vast quantities of fresh juice. there will be seaweed. there will be yoga and walking and chinese herbs. i am going to use anything and everything i think feels right to heal my body.

i have a wonderful story. my dear friends at the day job i left just shortly before my breast cancer diagnosis have done something so lovely. i used to work in the wellness department of a large locally owned grocery store. i loved seeing my friends at work, i've never worked with such a diverse group of quality people in my life. ian, my dear comrade in the wellness department, went person-to-person and gathered donations from my former co-workers(enough to pay for one month of the very expensive health insurance!) and arranged for a champion juicer (truly the king of juicers, with a motor as faithful as a mercedes) to be mine. such love and generosity! i am so, so grateful.

these gifts were delivered christmas day, yet until today i had not made juice.

today rachel, another good friend from the wellness department, and a juice-maven if there ever was one, (she also knows her wine, good balance, i say) came over with produce and a lesson. i am in love with this juicer, a lovely vintage avocado green machine which makes amazing, life-filled juice. we made something she calls "serpent juice". it is, indeed, like a bright green garden snake. fresh, quick and surprising.

serpent juice is:
ginger root


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

God, what a very lovely thing to do. People are so *good*. Makes me feel hopeful.

salmonpoetry said...

oh yes, juice away! champions are the best in the juicing world. i always do a lot of juicing in the winter with root veggies and greens. that is great that your coworkers are reaching out to you so generously.
sorry to hear about the allergy to the adhesive. that cannot be fun!
you probably have all the research down and know way more about wellness products than i, but i am thinking that shea butter might be helpful for the skin effects of radiation. i started using pure shea butter as my night cream a while back, and i swear, i lost 10 years of wrinkles!
i hope the radiation treatment is not too traumatic for you. i know the machines can look a little scary...but it sounds like you've made a good decision to prevent future turnips from sprouting and in the end you will be better off for it.

Tay said...

it's so interesting how something like cancer can be life-affirming, but I am nothing less than blown away by how loving and generous people are. I am so hopeful and feel my connection to others is wholly different than it was a few months ago. you are so right, Maryam, people are so good.

Lisa, shea butter is amazing, it's true. you know i was the skin care specialist at new seasons, so i do know a fair bit about caring for skin. i'm quite the geek on that subject. even modern medicine is now promoting calendula cream for radiation skin...isn't that great? calendual in a base of shea butter would be ideal!