Thursday, December 18, 2008

home again

just a quick post to say i am home from the hospital. the surgery went well, i made it out alive! have not looked at the results yet, but i'm like a staggering drunk on these pain meds.

so writing more might be comical, but
i'm going to sign off now. sleeping calls.

thanks for the beautiful circle of support. i could feel your good energy all around me last night and today...


Laura said...

I'm so glad things went well for you, and that the weather cooperated, despite all the "sky is falling" predictions on the teevee. I will swing by on my way to or from the Dharma Center tonight, and drop off a bunch of tealights. Such hints of your needs are appreciated in case there's something else you've forgotten or are craving. Blessings towards your healing. I'll put your name on the chant list tonight too.

PetalsYoga said...

Rest and heal dear Tay!

So glad this is behind you and only great things are ahead.



modish said...

good to hear! Hope you heal well and have lots of time to relax over this next week, enjoying the snowy days from your warm living room with lots of home cooked mama meals. Merry Christmas. Glad you're okay!

Sondra said...

Hope you're feeling hopeful today.
Keep on sleeping and haveing Mother's love.
Thinking of you,

Tay said...

Thank-you dear ones for your messages of support and love. I am just about to go down for another nap (which is dictated by the pain meds...

I'm doing all the right stuff: arnica, vit-c, etc. So I think the healing will be smooth.

Tonight Mom bakes an organic chicken and makes soup. Hopefully my appitite will return!


Kristin Shiga said...

Nothing will make your apetite return like mom's cooking! I am so glad she is there with you. Thanks for saying what you needed/wanted help with - you know we are all too happy to oblige.
Thinking of you!

Laura said...

Hey, now that there is some bona-fide weather happening, I do know of some Zen elves in southeast pdx who have put the offer out to assist anyone in their area. SO if you & your ma need anything, say the word.

salmonpoetry said...

Tay- glad you weathered the storm and are back home, with your mom. We were thinking of you during your surgery and with the snow.
Stay cozy and catch up on the sleep, there is nothing better for healing.
Thinking of you-