Sunday, June 29, 2008

paying it forward

many of you have been reading here at turnip for months. you've followed my bumpy, emotional journey through breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, you've heard me crash over and over. you've also stood witness to me rebuilding my life. it's been a wave pattern of finding my way, losing my calm, locating my center.

this is life. up, down. storms and calm seas. cocooning and blooming.

i'm feeling all that stuff, those cycles on a daily basis. stabs of panic, washes of love. it's all still happening. the cycles seem to move quicker these days, maybe because my days are moving quicker. i feel like i am back to working all the time and struggling to figure out how to rest, how to best renew my body and spirit.

you know, i was raised to be a worker, not a rester. it's not the healthiest legacy.

i've made a choice today to do something i've thought of for a long while. become a lender at people have been so generous with donations to me through all my cancer days. and each month, the universe continues to provide. through sales of my jewelry, i am slowly and steadily catching up. it might seem counter intuitive to loan money to others when i have so much debt, and indeed a business loan of my own that i am struggling to make payments on. i guess it's a practice of trust. by making this small loan to someone else, i trust that what i need will be there for me. and it's irresistible - because at kiva program, the loans are so needed and the amounts are so small yet make such a difference.

i am committing to loaning $25 this month to an entrepreneur in the developing world. if you'd like to join me, i've added a link to the profile of the borrower in my sidebar. my first loan is going to a group of women in guatemala who will use the funds to buy thread and other supplies for their embroidery business.
do go check out their profile and i bet you'll be as inspired as i am!

the image at the top of this post can be found here and says:
"everything changed the day she figured out there was exactly enough time for the important things in her life"
i think that quote has got to be true of money, too. that there is exactly enough money for the important things. today, i am breathing that in and letting it be true.

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Tay said...

Maryam, when I clicked 'approve' on your comment, Blogger ate it! So I didn't get to read what you wrote. Please try again, if you can. I aways love hearing from you! :)