Monday, June 2, 2008

new normal: busy makes happy

let me assure you, my friends, that i have been writing. busy as a bee, tapping away at my keyboard for hours. just not here at turnip! i was absolutely consumed with writing about honey & milk on my other blog when i got back from my trip, then that led to starting on my business plan...

which is nothing short of a miracle, really.

i have literally been trying to write my business plan for three years. start and stop. mostly stopped up, stuck. then about a week ago, movement. this incredible burst of energy started me off and it's just been flowing beautifully!

whatever is the change? why now and not before? i had a light bulb moment the other day. i realized that i couldn't write my business plan before because i was trying to write one for a business i didn't really want. a business that i saw as a means to an end, not my life's work, not my highest vision. i'm going to be writing about this thought in more detail soon. so if you're confused, please do catch up over on found object and click on "honey & milk" in the sidebar to read about it.

but once i articulated what i really want and published it on found object, bam! the ball started rolling. i literally started to get a flow of orders and sales on both my websites. talk about the power of getting out of your own way.

whoa, baby! this horse is ready to run.

each week my energy is growing and i am feeling more like i am stepping into the life i want. all sorts of thoughts and ideas are flourishing and i feel more flexible and positive about the future than i have in a long, long time. just that feeling alone is intoxicating.

so, have i made it to the zen center? no. but i have been doing mini-meditations while sitting on my exercise ball and centering my core. for some strange reason, this works. i have to concentrate to stay on the ball, which strengthens my body's core and also gives a focus point for meditation. going to the zen center feels like medicine right now. good for me, but not really joyful. and i feel so sick and tired of "treatment". so i either don't go right now, or work on seeing it differently. i am beginning to work on seeing it differently. there is a huge amount of inertia to overcome, but i will.

for instance, today was day one of riding my bike to the studio. my foot & heel problems have painfully flared back up, so walking isn't an option. but i am not going to be beat by that, fuck feeling like a broken old lady. i am going to do what i can, so i will bike for transportation as much as possible. i spent hours while recovering from the second surgery gluing rhinestones on my bike helmet in beautiful patterns. i'm thinking soon i might just paint my bike sparkly green as well.

you gotta make it fun, right? what are you doing this week for joy? tell me, please.

i'm sorry to be quiet here for so long. the good news is, i've been busy and feeling better all the time. diving back into the studio, running my business and being active has kept me happy and occupied.

by the way, for any of you out there doing the abundance checks practice, tomorrow june 3 is the day!


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

The thought of you in your glimmering helmet makes me so very happy.....I can't even explain!

So glad you are well:)

Robyn said...

I have to smile at this image. "The Rhinestone Biker"