Monday, March 2, 2009

spring fling: a cleanse

well, my dear friends, today i embark on a spring cleanse! it's been 6 months since my last one and my body is telling me now is the time. even though it is not truly warm weather outside yet, the sun has been showing us some love lately. days are getting longer, bit by bit. we have a time change just around the corner and i'm going on a short trip with my family to mexico at the beginning of april.

all signs point to cleanse!

i do feel i have made good progress on healing, both heart and body, since september. i've started in to a more regular exercise routine, my apartment is finally decorated and orderly, and the small collages i have been playing with are filling up my creative cup.

though my body would be happy to drop a few pounds, i know that for sure.

i feel like there is such a delicate balance going on. my foot and heel problems have been better for months. yet those months have been largely sedentary ones. as i have eased into some exercise, the heel seems always on the edge of a horrible flair-up. the simple truth is that carrying extra weight puts pressure on that foot. in fact, being overweight is one of the primary causes of plantar facsitis. i may not be able to melt away the bone spur, but i can lose a few pounds. as difficult as the task may be, it is possible and within my control.

so i am going to follow the same cleanse protocol, the ph miracle for weight loss, by dr. robert young. it worked so well for me before. last night i dashed around to the markets to stock up on all my veggies, almond milks and young coconuts. it will be good to break myself off sugar for a few weeks.

if you want to follow along, or join me, my plan is to follow the liquid feast program, get weekly colon hydro-therapy, participate in gentle exercise every single day, do at least 3 dry saunas a week at the gym and finish up on march 22.

spring is the perfect time to detox your system and start a new healthy habit or two!


Sondra said...

Good Luck, tomorrow, Tay. I'll be sending lots of love and light to you. You are in my thoughts.

Tay said...

Thank-you, my faithful friend. I really appreciate your support!

PetalsYoga said...

Hope that spring cleanse is going easily and well for you. Thanks for stopping by my blog Tay and leaving me that sweet message. I'm so glad to just be here in the background for you and when I get back from Australia I'd be happy to be in touch when and if you need it.

Giant koala hugs,